Sickness, suffering, and death are consequences of Original Sin, which is why those who are unwell turn instinctively to God for healing. In our Catholic National Shrine and Basilica of Our Lady, at Walsingham, pilgrims in distress look to heaven for help and find it in Jesus our Lord and in His Mother, through a life of prayer and devotion.

Our Shrine Policy on Healing and Deliverance Ministry reminds everyone, coming to Walsingham, of the place of healing and deliverance ministry within the mission of the Church and the clear parameters necessary for a sound, healthy, and wholesome understanding of such a ministry. The Policy also helps to practically locate this ministry, as understood by the mind of the Church, within the wider mission of our Shrine, and as exercised within the chapels, buildings, and grounds of the Shrine, and those attached to it.

The Policy underscores the value that pilgrims to the Shrine place in frequently turning to Our Lord in the Mass and Holy Communion, in the Healing Sacraments of the Church, in Adoration and Benediction, in the Rosary, in pilgrimages, devotions and the invocation of Our Lady of Walsingham, the saints, in both prayers and blessings. The Policy acknowledges that the pastoral care of the sick and the service of medical personnel are central to the ministry of the Church.

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Shrine Policy on Healing and Deliverance Ministry