Would you like to help us restore the Schumacher pipe organ in the Chapel of Reconciliation? It is one of the first organs in the UK by Schumacher organ builders, from Belgium. It is finely crafted, mostly using solid oak. It has always produced a very musical sound without the excessive sharpness often  found in Neo-classical organs.

The instrument has accumulated a considerable amount of dust and grit since it was last cleaned in the early 1990s.  This is significantly affecting its tone and tuning stability, since the very narrow pipe windways are susceptible to being choked with dust.

The key action is also out of adjustment, making the keys slack and uncertain to play.  Ciphers (notes sticking on) have been a recurring problem in recent years due to corroded linking wires on the upper manual.  The pedalboard is also tired; the varnish is worn from playing, and the springs barely manage to return the pedals.

In addition, the wind system is  somewhat noisy, with audible air leaks and excessive intake noise which needs to be dealt with. A new tremulant would be installed.  This would be a special design to work with the extremely stable wind supply on this instrument.  A new electronic controller will enable variable speed, not currently functional. The display pipes would be polished to their original bright finish.

The Trustees of the shrine have authorised a fundraising campaign for work on the organ, which will cost £11,796 (including VAT @20%).

I want to help restore the Schumacher Pipe Organ