Before exercising any public ministry [i.e., celebrating Mass, concelebration and hearing confessions, a deacon assisting at Mass, or leading a service of devotions] at the Catholic National Shrine and Basilica of Our Lady, at Walsingham, each and every priest and deacon is required to present to the Shrine a celebret [if they currently minister within England and Wales] or a testimonial of suitability [if they currently minister outside of England and Wales] – to be completed and signed by their Diocesan Bishop/Major Religious Superior [Provincial]. Consequently, priests and deacons are asked to arrange for their celebret or testimonial of suitability to be scanned or photographed and emailed to: at least two weeks before their visit to the Shrine, for the sacristy team’s attention.

Should a priest and deacon present himself at the Shrine without having arranged for his celebret or a testimonial of suitability to be sent by email before their visit, the receiving [and badged] member of Walsingham staff should, without commentary, immediately scan or photograph the said document and email it to the sacristy team at:

The above protocol is important in order to manifest safeguarding provision at the Shrine in ensuring a safe and caring environment for children, young people, and vulnerable adults within the context of a transient pilgrimage community. It is recommended that all priests and deacons visiting the Shrine have their celebret or testimonial of suitability on their person during their visit/pilgrimage to Walsingham.