Blessed Mary is Mother of the Church and is constantly walking with us on our journey of faith so that we may reach the mountain which is Christ her Son and our Lord. She inspires us to follow faithfully in her footsteps by imitating her virtues. So intimately does she share in the mystery of Christ, that she is always our Mother in the Church, encouraging us by her love and prayers, and drawing us, by her example, to pursue perfect charity.

Two biblical passages serve as the foundation of the Marian title “Mother of the Church”: Our Lord Jesus entrusting the beloved disciple into the maternal care of his mother [Jn 19:25-27] and Mary’s active role in the early Church [Acts 1:14]. Being Mother of Christ, Mary is also Mother of the Church, which is the mystical body of Christ. As she was united with the Apostles in prayer, her spiritual presence and protection continues in the Church today. She loves, nurtures, and fortifies the Church to be rapt in contemplation of the Word of God, and from her heart urges us to serve the needs of those around us, especially the poor.

The Blessed Virgin Mary cares for each of us, just as she cared for her only Son Jesus and the beloved disciple. Her example and unceasing intercession to her Son, in favour of each one of us, brings us God’s grace to live our baptismal vocation fruitfully and faithfully. With her maternal love and care, Our Lady of Walsingham is walking with us on our individual path of life and is helping us to journey together in faith.