New set of Altar Frontals in Celebration of Ninety Years of the Restored Catholic Shrine at Walsingham

As part of the ongoing legacy developments marking Ninety Years since the Restoration of the National Catholic Shrine of Our Lady, this summer, the Shrine’s Chapel of Reconciliation now has a new set of Altar Frontals.

Commissioned by the Shrine’s Rector, Fr Robert Billing, in January, the new set of new altar frontals [antependia], in the various liturgical colours, highlight the centrality of the Altar [General Instruction of the Roman Missal, nn. 117 and 304] in the liturgical space of the Chapel of Reconciliation. The splendid frontals take the Roman style and accentuate the prominence and centrality of the altar itself. Their crispness conveys a nobility and dignity, and projects a clothing of colour to the altar, the sanctuary, and to the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy.

The coloured frontals, produced by Andrew Penson of Penson Ecclesiastical Arts, offer a definitive liturgical seasonality and an architectural solidity to the Chapel’s sanctuary as whole. As the sanctuary also looks towards the outside, the frontals have been designed for both sides of the altar.

The Catholic National Shrine and Basilica of Our Lady, at Walsingham, expresses its sincere appreciation to the Walsingham Association for financing this significant legacy project, through the Shrine’s designated Liturgical Fund.