2022 National Draw & 100’s Club

Thank you to all Walsingham Association Members who faithfully and untiringly support Our Lady’s Shrine all the year round.

“Thanks to everyone who bought a ticket, the National Draw raised more than £13,000. At the same time, the 100’s Club yielded over a £1,000 after prizes. The Association was able to make an immediate donation to Our Lady’s National Shrine”

On a crisp, sunny November morning the 2022 National draw together with the Association 100’s Club draw was made by the Shrine’s Deacon, Rev Richard ‘Rick’ Jones. Also in attendance was Tim McDonald who ensured the proceedings were performed correctly, and Membership Secretary Richard who looked after the lottery boxes beautifully designed by the Saunders and Clovis families (Camelot eat your heart out!)

After the draw, Deacon Rick thanked the Association members who had carried out such sterling work selling and buying tickets in unprecedented numbers across the country in support of Our Lady’s National Shrine. In addition, Deacon Rick highlighted the invaluable contribution of the staff in the Shrine Shop & Cafe and at Elmham House promoting the Association and selling tickets to our wonderful pilgrims throughout the year. Finally, on behalf of the Trustees, we wish to thank all who participated.

Your contribution to supporting the Shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been phenomenal!  

2022 National Draw & 100’s Club