Homily by Mgr. Philip Moger on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Mgr. Moger gave a deep and meditative homily which so explains the devotion and honour of the Holy House of the Annunciation which we have in Walsingham. This part is particularly poetic and speaks deeply to the heart:

… “The Holy House at Walsingham suggested both stability and security, and openness to the Holy Spirit: a readiness for change, for the unexpected, for God’s invitation. So when God, through the angel, enters Mary’s House, through the holy Spirit, he is entering the house which is her womb. And, in saying ‘yes’, she’s conceiving God’s Word in her heart first. So, she is overwhelmed with all the blessings of heaven. But this didn’t spare her the ups and downs and sorrows of life. Today’s gospel tells us that the angel left her, suggesting, not that she was abandoned by God, but that she remained fully human, immersed in the hopes, fears and life of her people and, in due course, the joys and passion of her Son. So She stands beside all who are in anguish; all who see their children suffer or who suffer on behalf of them; those who are seeking acceptance, a home, refuge; all who are perplexed and feel that they are hanging on by their fingertips; all who are on the verge of losing hope. And being beside us is something active, it is wrapping us in her mantle of love and prayer.

To listen, to love and to bear life is the vocation of Mary, …”