Easter Message from the Rector

Jesus Christ is risen today, alleluia!

How we long to raise the roof of church with that hymn!  This year, we have to rely on cantors and choirs to sing Easter joys on our behalf.  On the positive side, it’s at least better than last year when everything depended on the parish priest!

But nothing can take away the truth and the beauty of the resurrection by which Christ opened the gates to eternal life, never to be closed.  The celebration of the original feast of the Church has down the centuries, been celebrated in graver circumstances than we find ourselves in now.  The risen Lord appeared to the disciples in an occupied country, among a downtrodden people, yet the power of those appearances, and the empty tomb, gave birth to Christianity and brought thousands to faith in fairly short order after the Lord sent the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

Before Pentecost, the disciples,

were constantly devoting themselves to prayer, together with certain women, including Mary the mother of Jesus……. (Acts 1:14)

Waiting in prayer is the natural milieu of the disciple of Our Lord;  being in Mary’s company at prayer is to remember that she is the first disciple and the Church’s outstanding model in faith and charity (Vatican II, Lumen gentium #54), our Mother, our companion, the temple of the Holy Spirit.   She is always at our side.

May you have a very happy and blessed Easter.  And remember: Lent was 40 days, Eastertide is 50!


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