33 Days Online

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As part of the preparations for The Rededication, you are invited to take part in the 33 Day Consecration to Jesus through Our Lady. Below you will find YouTube links to each day of the consecration prepared by EWTN Great Britain. For further information about The Rededication visit www.behold2020.com, the official companion for The Rededication. There you will find further resources to assist you in organising an event in your parish, your home or your community.

The links to each day will be updated periodically.

WEEK ONE: St Louis de Montfort
21/02/2020 Day 1: The Passionate Saint of Brittany
22/02/2020 Day 2: St Louis’s Influence on the Church
23/02/2020 Day 3: De Montfort’s Consecration (Part One)
24/02/2020 Day 4: De Montfort’s Consecration (Part Two)
25/02/2020 Day 5: Should We Really Give Mary Everything? (Part One)
26/02/2020 Day 6: Should We Really Give Mary Everything? (Part Two)
27/02/2020 Day 7: A Quick, Easy, and Secure Way to Holiness

WEEK TWO: St Maximilian Kolbe
28/02/2020 Day 8: Who are you, St Maximilian Kolbe?
29/02/2020 Day 9: Who are you, O Immaculate Conception? (Part One)
01/03/2020 Day 10: Who are you, O Immaculate Conception? (Part Two)
02/03/2020 Day 11: The Immaculata Always Does God’s Will, Perfectly
03/03/2020 Day 12: Who Are You, O Holy Saints of God?
04/03/2020 Day 13: To Be an Instrument — Rather, to be Instruments
05/03/2020 Day 14: Kolbe’s Prayer of Consecration

WEEK THREE: St Mother Teresa
06/03/2020 Day 15: Lover of the Heart of Jesus
07/03/2020 Day 16: ‘The Gift God Gave September 10th’
08/03/2020 Day 17: The Visions of 1947
09/03/2020 Day 18: The Immaculate Heart of Mary
10/03/2020 Day 19: Heart-Pondering Prayer
11/03/2020 Day 20: A Consecration Covenant
12/03/2020 Day 21: ‘Be the One’ (with Mary)

WEEK FOUR: Pope St John Paul II
13/03/2020 Day 22: Mary’s Gift of Mercy
14/03/2020 Day 23: Maternal Mediation
15/03/2020 Day 24: Mary’s Retreat (Day One)
16/03/2020 Day 25: Mary’s Retreat (Day Two)
17/03/2020 Day 26: Mary’s Retreat (Day Three)
18/03/2020 Day 27: Marian Entrustment (Part One)
19/03/2020 Day 28: Marian Entrustment (Part Two)

FINAL FIVE DAYS: Synthesis and Review
20/03/2020 Day 29: St Louis de Montfort
21/03/2020 Day 30: St Maximilian Kolbe
22/03/2020 Day 31: St Mother Teresa
23/03/2020 Day 32: Pope St John Paul II
24/03/2020 Day 33: Putting It All Together

25/03/2020 Day 34: Consecration to Jesus Through Mary