`I have never known anyone who . honoured him by particular services who did not advance greatly in virtue, for he helps in a special way
those souls who recommend themselves to him,` St. Teresa of Avila.

Born in Bethlehem of Judea, St. Joseph came from the royal lineage of King David. Both St. Luke and St. Matthew mark his descent from David, the greatest king
of Israel (Matthew 1:1-16 and Luke 3:23-38). The Scriptures do not tell us why or when originally St. Joseph left Bethlehem and chose Nazareth to be his place of
residence, but it tells us that he was a carpenter (Matthew 13:55).

According to tradition, when St. Mary, who was dedicated to the temple, completed twelve years in the sanctuary and could not stay there any longer, the priests
announced through Judea that they wished to find in the tribe of Judah a respectable man, to espouse her. St. Joseph was among the candidates.

A miracle revealed the choice of St. Joseph God had made. When the priests gathered twelve righteous men from the tribe of Judah and took their staffs inside the
sanctuary, a dove flew up and stood on the staff belonging to St. Joseph. They immediately knew that this was Gods will. The righteous St. Joseph took St. Mary
to his house. Both spouses intended for this betrothal to be virginal marriage.

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