Good Friday in the Slipper Chapel witnessed Our Lady of Walsingham wearing her Mantilla and Cope, solemnly gazing out towards the British Isles
in commemoration of the crucifixion and triumph of good over evil. It was hard not to imagine her thinking about the 9 million unborn babies over the past 50
years whose lives tragically have ended through abortion in the UK.

Women have a beautiful role as a life bearing vessel which is symbolised by the wearing of a mantilla, passed down by Mary through her Jewish tradition. In its
theological richness its parallels to the veiled sacred vessels used in Holy Mass bear witness to the special gift of bearing life that women contain.

Throughout the Easter Triduum we have bore witness to the message of life from death to resurrection through Jesus Christ.

Our Fathers in Faith led the way throughout the world once upon a time to bear witness to this truth through their missionary zeal. Today we find ourselves across
the British Isles at a barren spiritual crossroads. From Land`s End to John O`Groats the land cries out for spiritual renewal – a revival.

In honour of Charlotte Pearson Boyd
Anniversaries are sacred moments between heaven and earth. Whether it is the commemoration of the death of a loved one or an act of faith through vocation
that bears witness to truth. The vocation of one woman is remembered today in the Slipper Chapel at Walsingham, that of the life of Charlotte Pearson Boyd.