Honouring the second disciple of Christ, St Joseph

In preparation for the Solemnity of St Joseph on March 19th, 2018, Delegates of the UK`s first Symposium on St Joseph, which was
held in partnership with the National Shrine of St Joseph, arrived from across the country to contemplate various themes concerning the Husband of

Three days before the Solemnity of St Joseph, the talk title of `The Annunciation of St Joseph` began the symposium in the spirit of the first Joy of
Our Lady concerning her Annunciation. Throughout the next few days of the journey we hosted the Abbot from St Michael`s Abbey, Farnborough where the
National Shrine of St Joseph was housed in which he gave a precis` of the history of devotion to St Joseph in England and the National Shrine.

He also brought a special blessing with him in the form of the restored crowns from the statue of St Joseph from his national shrine, which were placed on
the altar in the Slipper Chapel before Our Lady before heading back to Farnborough to their home.

An array of reflective talks was given which on the Solemnity itself brought a dimension of St Joseph as the first model of forgiveness and apostle of
forgiveness in the New Testament from Mgr Armitage, Rector of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham.

Amongst a sacramental programme of confession, Holy Mass, Adoration, Rosary and the Chaplet of St Joseph, his litany and joys and sorrows, we were
blessed to witness within Holy Mass a crowning of the Statue of St Joseph in the Chapel of Our Lady of Reconciliation.

Read more in the attached at https://www.walsingham.org.uk/uploads/article/189/article_file/Symposium_on_St_Joseph_-
_March_2018.pdf – article..