Fatima Day at Walsingham

The National Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima is currently touring all the Catholic Cathedrals, some Marian Shrines and other Parishes
throughout England and Wales in honour of the great Centenary Year of Our Lady of Fatima’s apparitions in 1917.
From 23rd to 27th September the statue is to be in the Catholic Diocese of East Anglia: in the The Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Norwich (23rd and
24th September) and in the Basilica of Our Lady at Walsingham (25th to 27th September).
These days will be great opportunity to venerate Our Lady of Fatima and the relics of St Francisco and St Jacinta and more importantly get to know and
understand anew the Message of #Fatima and how important it is for these times for the cause of world peace.
We look forward to seeing you all here in Walsingham for this special occasion.