Walsingham Shepherd’s Huts

Come to Walsingham and stay at one of our two newly refurbished Shepherd’s Huts, located on the Shrine and Basilica of Our
Lady site, with beautiful views of the local area.

Inside of each hut there is a bed, table and chair, as well as a fridge, microwave, kettle, tea and coffee. Moreover, each hut has a private entrance. Access to public
toilet and shower facilities is also provided. The cost of staying at our Shepherd’s Hut is £20 per night.

Fancy glaying (glamorous praying) at the Basilica of Our Lady at Walsingham? Call us on 01328 820 217 to book your

Two Shrine’s Shepherd’s Huts had survived from the mid 1930`s. Fr Bruno Scott James, the first Priest Custodian of the Slipper Chapel, refers to them in his
autobiography, `Asking for Trouble` and speaks of his mission in Walsingham:`. from this developed my plan of giving retreats to men, so that before long there were young men of every kind and class coming
to Walsingham to learn how to be still and know God. Since my house (Slipper Chapel Cottage) had only one spare room, I built for them at the end of my garden,
small one roomed houses or huts of cedar wood. With their high-pitched shingle roofs they looked not unlike tiny alpine cottages. Within there was a bunk, a
bookshelf, a table and a chair`.