Irresistible Novena to our Lady of Pompeii

Make the most of your Lent and join us in praying the Novena to Our Lady of Pompeii, which is also known as irresistible one, beause
Our Lady gave a promise that whoever says the Holy Rosary for 54 days praying for a particular grace, wil receive it. This apparition of Our Lady has been
described by the Blessed Bartolo Longo.

If you need help – pray this Novena!

How to pray the novena?

It is easy! For 54 days pray 15 mysteries of the rosary each day, praying it in one intention and to
`standard` rosary prayers add few short prayers at the beginning and end.

To ake sure you do not get confused, it is useful to mark in your calendar beginning and end of your Novena, together with days when you change from
petition part (first 27 days) to thanksgiving part (second 27 days).

Novena of Our Lady of Pompeii step by step

1. Make sign of the cross
2. Then give your intention and say: `I pray this Rosary for your glory, O Queen of the Holy Rosary`.
3. Say the initial rosary prayers (Our Father, 3x Hail Mary and Gory be…) – we say this only once each day.
4. Then say the whole Rosary – 15 mysteries – you do not have to say them all at once.
5. After the Rosary pray with a short invocation (petition or thanksgiving prayer). It is enough to say this prayer once each day at the end of
the Rosary.
6. End the Rosary with `Under your protection`. Then with faith and confidence say 3 times: `Queen of the Holy Rosary,
pray for us!`.

Petition and thanksgiving prayers
Final prayer during the petition part of the Novena – pray with this invocation during the first 27 days of the
`Blessed Lady of Pompeii, who has ever turned to you with confidence and has not been heard? You have never turned down any of your children,
any of your worshippers, who were looking for your help, hear my plea, o Mother of the Word, and through your Holy Rosary and the Temple of Pompeii please
look with favor on my devotion. Amen.`

Final prayer during the thanksgiving part of the Novena – pray with this invocation during the second 27 days of the
`What have I to offer you, Oh, Queen, rich in mercy and magnificence? What remains of my life I dedicate to you, and to the propagating of your
cult everywhere, Oh, Virgin of the Rosary of Pompeii, through whose invocation the grace of the Lord has visited me. I shall promote the devotion of your
rosary; I shall tell everyone of the mercy you have obtained for me; I shall always proclaim your goodness towards me, so that others as well, unworthy as Iâ
€ˆand sinners, may turn to you with confidence. If all the world only knew how good you are, how compassionate with those who suffer, all creatures would turn
to you. Amen.`