Pilgrimage of the Ukrainian Eparchy

Saturday, 24th October, witnessed the last major pilgrimage of the year to the National Shrine. It was also another first at the shrine as this was the first pilgrimage
ever of the Ukrainian community of England. Led by Fr Mykola Matwijiwskyj of the Ukrainian Cathedral in London, over two hundred pilgrims started their day at
the Anglican Shrine. Fr Stephen Gallagher, priest at the Anglican Shrine with Fr Mikola interpreting, welcomed the pilgrims and gave a short talk on the history of
Walsingham. Then pilgrims went to the holy well there for sprinkling.
Later in the afternoon there was Mass in the Chapel of Reconciliation in the Ukrainian Rite and language. The singing was wonderful and the Mass was very spiritual.
Next year their bishop hopes to lead the pilgrimage.
It has been a particular privilege this year to welcome two pilgrimages representing communities where our fellow catholics are experiencing hardship and
persecution, namely the Ukrainian pilgrimage and earlier in the year the Melkite pilgrimage of the people of Syrian and the Lebanon. All those at Walsingham hold
them closely in their prayers.

Watch the Ukrainian Pilgrimage Mass on at http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/76165416 – Walsingham Catholic TV.

Find some of the event’s photos on the at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?
set=a.1156056251099078.1073741863.1070767532961284+type=3 – Walsingham Blog.