Walsingham Development

We plan to invest £6 million in buildings and accommodation, and £4 million in developing the work of the Shrine

The current plans include the development of

  • New and upgraded pilgrim accommodation
  • New accommodation for the disabled
  • Retreat centre
  • Youth ministry and accommodation
  • Wet weather cloister
  • Pilgrim Hall conference centre
  • New hospitality centre
  • Catholic media hub
  • Perpetual Adoration Chapel
  • History of England through the lives of the Saints

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In addition, we plan to host a number of new events, including

  • National family pilgrimage
  • Additional pilgrimages for the sick
  • Pilgrimage for young people
  • National travellers pilgrimage
  • Sharing your faith in the modern world
  • Healing and reconciliation
  • Opportunities for new pilgrimages
View the Walsingham development site for more details