Youth 2000 - The Promised Land

A wonderful weekend of witness began on Friday with the start of the Youth 2000 Retreat. I went to the Mass on Friday celebrated by Bishop Robert Byrne, auxiliary bishop of Birmingham, assisted by Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury. Mass was in the "Big Top", the circus like tent, with standing room only. There was a real sense of celebration as we sang hymns following the words on the large screens led by the contemporary band of musicians and singers. Father Stephen Wang preached on the "Promise of Paradise" and bearing in mind the weather said that paradise would not have puddles and portaloos! At the end of Mass young people volunteered for the half hour opportunities for attending the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament over the weekend. I was inspired by the complete devotion and joy of those present. Bishop Alan Hopes of East Anglia celebrated their Mass on Sunday.

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